About Us

If there is one type of game of chance that many people living in New Zealand or for that matter any other major country of the world enjoy playing it is slot machines, and as such we are proud to welcome you to the newzealandslots.nz website that is going to be of great interest to all pokie and slot machine players.

What our team have been able to do is to put their collective years of experience in both playing slots and also working in the pokie and slot machine playing environments to good use, and they have put together a range of informative articles and guides that you are sure to find of interest.

Keep in mind though that being completely random games of chance you should at all times ensure that you play pokies and slots responsibly, and we encourage you to always do so as that way you will never spend more money playing slots that you can afford to do.

The wealth warning is now over, and below I am going to be walking you through each of the many different types of articles and guides that you are going to find and make use of throughout this website and some of the many other services we offer or website visitors too.

Slot Strategy Guides and Slot Playing Tips

The savviest gamblers are always going to be those that have access to as much information as is humanly possible and then make use of that information in such a way that they can increase their chances of winning when playing slots and pokie games.

What we have therefore ensured is that when looking through many of our slot playing guides and articles is that we will present to you as much valuable facts and figures as we can do regarding things such as the payout percentages or RTP’s as they are known of many different slot games.

What all slot players do need to do is to only ever set about playing not only the slots that do have the very highest payout percentages but those that also deliver to them a playing format and structure that they enjoy, which includes things such as the variance of the slots.

So please do feel free to have a good look through as many of our articles and slot playing guides as you possibly can do as that way you really are going to be able to spot exactly just which slots and pokies you should be making a beeline to play, no matter where you fancy playing them!

Handpicked and Exclusive Promotional Offers

Getting the maximum value when playing pokies and slot machines is important, for whilst you can never know in advance of you playing such gaming machines whether you are going to win or lose, you can get plenty of extended slot playing sessions by making use of things such as slot and casino bonuses.

What we have therefore done throughout this website is put together a range of exclusive and handpicked offers and deals from each of our featured casino and slot sites, and those bonuses are instantly claimable and come with some very favourable terms and conditions too.

What you want to have the peace of mind in knowing is that if you do claim a bonus and follow all of the terms and conditions you will be paid out in full and with no hops to jump through when you cash out winnings achieved from a bonus playing session.

That is what each of our featured and approved sites will be offering you and they will also be offering you all manner of going offers and deals which also come with some generous terms and conditions, and those casinos site also have their own comp and loyalty schemes too.

All the Latest Slot Machine News

One final thing that I would like to draw your attention to is that we do update this website daily with all of the latest pokie and slot machine news stories from across the globe, so if you do have an interest in keeping your fingers on the pulse of the slot playing world then you really do need to check back to our website regularly.

You are going to get sneak previews and reviews or all of the soon to be slot game releases, and we will also be letting you know about all of the very latest pokie and slot game bonuses and promotional offers and deals.

Plus, if you fancy finding out about the best paying slots and the progressive slot games that may just be about to hit, then make sure you read through those daily news stories as we will always let you know just which pokies may be about to hit and where those pokies are located too.